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"Many of us are acquainted with the Rilke line “You must change your life,” but until you’ve heard it shouted from a cliff edge high over the Aegean after a week of actually having your life changed, you won’t know it in quite its full glory.  A week with Judith in Greece is more than an amazing learning experience with a brilliant teacher, more than a week on one of the most stunning islands in the world, more than deep connection with a group of wonderful people; it is something genuinely life-altering.  It’s a week in which you enter a sacred magical space, where you shift delightedly between quiet wonder and gleeful noise, where you mingle happily with ancient gods and goddesses. Where your body learns to dance in synch with your mind.  Judith manages to help and inspire and unite all kinds of people, from grandmothers to metal workers, introverts to extroverts, young to old, actresses, techies, architects, dancers, and more.  People of all levels of experience with the Alexander technique are generously and gently guided out of long-held patterns and moved towards full presence.  You will never find a better, more inspiring teacher than Judith.  I can’t recommend this experience enough."  -  Joan Harvey, writer, Boulder, CO, 2017 participant

"In the world of Homer’s Odyssey, where gods regularly visit mortals, transformation is an expected part of life.  Athena might arrive as an old man and leave as a bird; with the wave of her wand, Circe turns men into swine.  Judith Grodowitz’s workshop in Folegandros transported the Alexander Technique to the ancient landscapes and stories of a Greek Island.  Inside a one-room schoolhouse in a white-washed town, Judith showed us how to invite change into our bodies and selves.  Classes artfully integrated fundamentals of the Alexander Technique with movement, image, and literature.  We journeyed forth—a little community of travelers—transformed by our experiences, the brilliant sun, and the buoyant Aegean." - Maria, Teacher and Scholar

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"Judith Grodowitz is a captivating  teacher. Her passion for this work and for the ancient Greek world is contagious. The daily workshops were relaxed and playful, weaving together body work, Greek mythology,  poetry and even Greek dancing ! So fun!  I think every student there, young and old, grew on many levels. It was an amazing enriching experience. Thank you Judith."  -Jane Trechsel, actor, singer, writer, yoga teacher, Birmingham, AL, 2017 participant 

 "It might seem unusual, or even unnecessary, to travel all the way to Greece to study Alexander Technique. And, it is.  But, only in the way we find the work of the Alexander Technique to be unusual — in that it removes us from our unnecessary habits of living.

…When you are in Greece, with Judith, there is a whole realm of both ancient and primal forces that are not only inescapable but relentless in their influence in the work. Absorbed in the palpable energy —  insights, with depth, practicality and a history we all know but often forget — flourish. It is this history of Greece, of ourselves, coupled with the expansiveness of the Cyclades and the particular energy found on Folegandros, a small island with green rocks and thyme-filled hills, that allows for a gentle and intuitive depth in the work that is familiar, in the way our long lost past or a distant dream can be.

For anyone who has never studied Alexander Technique before: you will find yourself, partially or wholly, along with several others who are led to this experience by Judith and her wonderful way as a teacher, mentor and human being." -  Freddie Stevens, Jr., actor, writer,  NYC, 2017 participant

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"Going to Greece and taking part in the workshop was one of the best things I ever could have done for both my acting and psyche. Through Judith's teaching I grew more aware of my body and presence within a room. I gained confidence in the moment of not knowing and soon reveled in just letting go and trusting myself. Who knew so many feelings and magical things could happen when you take the time to be still and just be. I truly believe I have been transformed as an actor and person by this experience and I'm forever grateful for the guidance and love Judith brought to every class. 

P.S. And I will miss Greece every day until the next time! LOL." -  Liana Womble, actor, NYC, 2017 participant

"Honestly, I initially came for the mythology and the chance to be in Greece.  I’d never taken an Alexander class and had zero experience with improv and not much more with dance.  For me, what Judith taught was a new awareness of movement, breath, and the body in space.  Though I am not a performer and improvisation and performance are far outside the bounds of my “box,” it was so good for me to be part of that — to try it, and to understand some of the Alexander principles.  And, friends here at home say my posture changed: that I am standing and sitting taller!

I loved being in that classroom, with images of the gods on the walls and columns, inspiring our bodies and minds.   I loved that Judith took it outside the classroom—through winding alleys and an arched tunnel to an improvisation site; and then down to the Aegean itself.

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Beyond that, the class was filled with warm, talented, funny, radiant people. Fellow participants were wonderful, every single one of them... I felt so lucky to be in that company.  There’s a reason Judith attracts these people. She is an incredible teacher.  With great knowledge and kindness, she wove together movement, images, poetry and stories that somehow got the mythology to “land” in our bodies.

The class was a tonic, a restorative for a body and soul.   I think all of us expanded—safely, happily-- into the divine magic Judith set in play. 

And we were in Folegandros, which has to be one of the sweetest places on earth, especially Chora, the village—which is a  series of  squares, connected by little winding streets, where everyone sits outside and shares good food and company.  There is something about being on an island in the middle of the Aegean that goes deep in the soul...

Being part of “Inspiration in the Aegean” was a true gift,  expansive and restorative, and I feel incredibly lucky to have been part of it."  - Ellen Steiber, writer and editor, Tucson, AZ, 2017 participant

  Judith tries out the stage on her first visit to the ancient theater of Epidaurus. 

Judith tries out the stage on her first visit to the ancient theater of Epidaurus. 

"I had a completely life altering, affirming experience taking Judith Grodowitz's Inspiration in the Aegean workshop. The unique combination of Judith's abilities as a teacher, with her knowledge of Greek mythology and culture, in the amazing surrounding of the island of Folegandros was phenomenal for me. I had not expected to be so profoundly affected by Judith's workshop. My experience far transcended my preconceptions of what any learning opportunity in a new culture could be. Physically, emotionally, and historically, I had a very full sense that I had returned home." -Salley May, performance artist, theatre educator, social worker,  New York City, NY

"I was expecting a pleasant vacation with some sun, some fun, and tuning into my body more -- but what I got was a mind-blowing spiritual awakening....Since I've been back I've been seeing things (people, places & situations) through new eyes. They say that meditation helps one develop clarity and I feel like your class & Folegandros opened a door to that."- Emily Clark, former Graphic artist who went on to become an Alexander Teacher herself, Portland, OR