Registration and Payment

  Eros sleeping, Hellenistic period. An excellent example of completely releasing ones weight.

Eros sleeping, Hellenistic period. An excellent example of completely releasing ones weight.

FEES INCLUDE TUITION ONLY.  Students are responsible for their own accommodation and travel arrangements and costs.  Please visit the ACCOMMODATIONS PAGE on the website for helpful lodging tips and guidance. 


$785.  - Early registration tuition - full payment by March 9, 2018.

 $835. - After March 9, 2018 - full tuition. Full payment is due by May 9, 2018.

A $125, non-refundable deposit is required to hold your place in the workshop. The deposit is applied to the registration fee. 

JAN 22, 2018 - WAITING LIST INFORMATION.  At this time, we have received deposits for all workshop spaces. If you are interested in holding a space on our waiting list:

1.  Send Cameron (our registrar) a note to express your interest and to introduce yourself.    

2. Send a $125 deposit to Judith (address below) to hold your space on the waiting list. Any spaces that open up will be offered in the order we have received the wait list deposits. 

Deposit Refund Details: Your deposit will be refunded to you by March 10th if no spaces open up (or, if you wish to remove yourself from the waiting list anytime before then). If you wish to remain on the waiting list until our final payment date (May 9) and no spaces open up, we will refund your deposit on May 10th. 

When/if a space becomes available for you in the workshop, if you are not able to commit to the workshop at that time, we will refund your deposit and offer the space to the next person on the wait list.  

3. Please note the PayPal fees given below. If you must use PayPal,  -- add the PayPal fees to your $125 deposit. PayPal fees are non-refundable. Use Venmo or personal check if possible (no fees).

4. When and if a space opens and you commit to joining the workshop, your deposit will no longer be refundable, and the workshop balance will be due on the dates given above in the payment schedule.  

LATE REGISTRATION (after May 9th) is possible only if class space is available. 

TWO TUITION-FREE SPACES ARE OFFERED SPECIFICALLY FOR GREEK CITIZENS.  If you’re from Greece and wish to apply, send a written statement to Judith introducing yourself, including why you wish to participate. This offer does not include accommodations or travel expenses. As of January 15, 2018, these tuition-free spaces have been filled. If you wish to be placed on a waiting list (should one of these spaces open up), please contact Judith with your introduction. 

Payment Options  - PayPal (internat'l), VENMO, or USA bank check   For Venmo & Paypal, send funds to:

Please note: when using PayPal, include an additional $35 service charge for each payment.  PayPal has recently significantly increased their fees for this service significantly. If you must use PayPal, it's advisable to pay in full (in one payment), to avoid further fees. If paying in installments, you must include this fee with EACH payment. Early registration total with fees included when paying via PayPal: $820; regular registration when paying via PayPal: $870. 

USA check by mail - Please send your deposit, partial, or full payment to:

Judith Grodowitz, 337 West 21st Street, #5A, New York, NY10011  USA


Whether paying via USA check, VENMO or PayPal/credit card, you must also email our registrar, Cameron (  with the following personal information.

full name;  current address;  mobile telephone number;  email address;  emergency contact person information (their name and contact information)

Please remember to include emergency contact person information. If there is anything else you feel we need to know about you, please also include this information.

Refunds and Cancellations

•   The $125 deposit is non-refundable.

•   Cancellations before April 15th will result in a 75% refund of the full registration fee.

•   Cancellations after April 15th and before May 13th will result in a 50% refund of the full                  registration fee.

•   All cancellations made 5 weeks or less prior to workshop (May 13, 2018 or after) will result in          loss of all monies received.


If it is necessary to cancel the workshop due to a shortage of participants, you will be notified by May 13, 2018, and your payment will be refunded in full. However, we reserve the right to cancel the workshop at any time for any reason. In such cases, the refund of all monies received will constitute full settlement with participants.


We recommend purchasing TRIP INSURANCE to protect you should you need to cancel due to illness or other unforeseen reasons accepted by trip insurance companies. We accept no responsibility for airfare and other expenses incurred -- should you need to cancel for any reason, or should the workshop be cancelled.  Contact your travel agent or airline for information on trip insurance.


Questions about registering or issues related to travel, etc. contact our registrar, Cam Addicott at

For questions about class content and structure, please contact Judith Grodowitz, instructor, directly at