"I have been studying Alexander Technique since 1986 and have been working with Judith since 2002. Judith’s experience and intuition have helped me to hone my skills so that I can work freely no matter the vocal, physical and emotional demands of the character. The technique helps me to stay open and available to the moment in performance. Alexander Technique has also eliminated chronic pain I had been experiencing since being struck by a car at age fifteen."

Marc Wolf, actor and playwright of the Obie, Helen Hayes, and GLAAD award winning ANOTHER AMERICAN: ASKING AND TELLING

"Judith is a brilliant Alexander teacher with authentic healing powers. But that’s not all! Judith comes to her work through her love of dance and her unique teaching methodology is inspired by a performer’s sensibility. I participated in her week-long Alexander group workshop on the island of Folegandros. This was a once in a lifetime experience which I’ll never forget… There are many Alexander Teachers and movement/body coaches for us to choose from when looking for a teacher, a coach, or a healer. There is no one I can recommend more highly than I do Judith Grodowitz."

Linda Chapman, Associate Artistic Director, New York Theatre Workshop, NYC. Former member, award winning Wooster Group, NYC

"I’ve been studying with Judith for several years now. I started out taking a group class, which was a wonderful introduction to the technique. I come back to Judith for regular private lessons whenever I’m acting in a play. Each time I can feel myself more deeply able to manifest the technique while on stage. The actors I have always admired most are those who seemed to have an easy flow of energy through their voice and body – a dynamic sense of receptivity and responsiveness. And I feel that through my work with Judith I’m learning to be one of those actors." 

Lisa Kron, playwright and actress, Nominee, 2006 Best Actress Tony Award for performance in WELL, Tony Award winning writer of Lyrics and Book of the Tony Award winning musical FUN HOME

"Judith Grodowitz's Alexander Technique work with me has ferried me through 25 years of injuries, illnesses, and the aging process. I was introduced to Judith after a neck injury sustained during an acrobatics exercise while I was in a circus. Chiropractics and acupuncture brought little improvement, and then a friend in the performance/dance world gifted me  Alexander Technique lessons with Judith. Within a few sessions my neck recovered, and I was able to return at full capacity to the circus. Three years later, I had a serious stilting accident which severed or stretched every ligament in my left knee. Work with Judith was paramount in my healing process, both following the injury and after the subsequent surgeries, supporting and retraining my body to build strength, balance and agility. Following a break from work with Judith, my joints became riddled with pain and stiffness, and shortly thereafter I was taken to the ER for what was revealed to be a pulmonary embolism. During my hospital admission I was diagnosed with lupus and put on extensive medication, which somewhat managed my symptoms, but I was far from fully functioning. My body was in constant pain and movement was labored. The steroid Prednisone was the only thing that quelled the acuteness of the condition, but the rheumatologist warned that the side effects for this drug prohibit continued use. I returned to work with Judith and within a very brief period was able to get off the steroid, and to re-inhabit my body with energy, life and pleasure. Judith is at the head of her field, and I am enormously grateful to her for enabling me to continue to grow in mine."

Salley May, performance artist, directing curator of Avant-Garde-Arama at P.S. 122, social worker, theater arts educator

"What I have found in Judith’s teaching is a perfect blend of complete professionalism with humor and spontaneity. Never have I found her at a loss for a viable approach to a problem, or with several approaches for that matter. Like any gifted teacher she is constantly exploring, finding new applications and shadings to enrich the work. Her dedication and sense of purpose cannot be questioned, but she does not lecture or judge. The classes seem like a shared journey; risks can be taken and patterns challenged because a trusted companion is present in the best sense. I cannot emphasize enough the natural, sympathetic nature of Judith’s approach… It is the illumination and illustration of the innate joyful balance and ease to be found within the body that is Judith’s special gift."

Dr. Ted Marks, Physical Therapist and educator, former Member, Ralph Lemon Dance Company

"Judith worked weekly with the students of the Graduate Vocal Arts Program at Bard College Conservatory of Music – individually and in groups. As Artistic Director of this intensive 2-year Graduate-level program, I know that Judith’s contribution to the students’ growth, training and understanding was immense and inspirational. She has a deep and profound understanding of the Alexander Technique and shares that knowledge and her enthusiasm clearly to the students. They all sang her praises."

Dawn Upshaw, world renowned soprano and director of the Bard College Graduate Vocal Arts Program, Artistic Director, Graduate Program in Vocal Arts, Bard College Conservatory of Music

"When I inexplicably injured my neck several years ago, friends and colleagues were full of advice. Most of the options appeared to promise satisfactory fixes for my symptoms. Only the Alexander Technique offered an opportunity to understand why I had suffered this injury in the course of ordinary life… I often explain it this way: fixing the symptoms is like a crash diet – it works for a while. Learning the Alexander Technique with Judith Grodowitz has taught me how to live well within this quirky, complex, and resilient human body."

Barbara Knecht, Architect and Educator, Boston, NYC, Buenos Aires, and worldwide

"Judith Grodowitz's work with the singers of the Graduate Vocal Arts Program at the Bard College Conservatory of Music is a vital part of our curriculum. She imparts her masterful knowledge of the Alexander Technique with warmth, insight and compassion, and the students have grown significantly as a result. Along with the benefit to their vocal and breathing techniques, the singers have gained important awareness of their bodies as expressive instruments."

Kayo Iwama, Head of Graduate Program in Vocal Arts, Bard College Conservatory of Music

"Judith’s brilliant teaching of the Alexander technique has felt like an invitation into the beautiful and familiar world of my body, my spirit and myself. I completely trust her guidance into the realm of my skeleton and my creativity. As an actor I have strengthened my craft of performance. As a teacher of special education I value kinesthetic learning in a new way. As a human being her lessons stay with me as I walk down the street, climb the stairs to my home, and fall asleep."

Rolando Morales, Actor, Educator and Writer

From the moment I met Judith I knew she had honed a technique that allowed her to move from room to room filling it with her light and confidence. She is a force — and I wanted that for myself. Judith taught me to be more present and be more available, thanks to her unique take on the Alexander Technique. It helped with my acting and most importantly helped with becoming a better version of myself. I was looking for a mentor and I made a friend. Thank you Judith...for your smile, your love and your light.

Olivier Renaud, Actor, former Acrobat Cirque du Soleil

Just a few weeks after I started practicing Alexander Technique with Judith at the Mannes College of Music, NYC, my violin teacher Sally Thomas (an internationally acclaimed violin professor at Juilliard) noticed even before me - that my sound rapidly opened up with better tone and deep ringing vibration. Judith immediately pointed out the shortage of my breath whenever I played, and helped me with improving my breathing quality and overall posture. I cannot thank her enough for having such positive impact on my performance!

Johannes Chung, violinist, New York City

In 2001, I sustained a serious whiplash injury to my neck in an automobile accident. After about a year of chiropractic treatment, I was pain free, but my neck still didn’t feel right. I was surprised when my M.D. recommended the Alexander Technique, saying that it was a more active form of treatment than chiropractic. A friend referred me to Judith and within several months my neck felt like new. Working with Judith has been an extremely rewarding experience. She has helped me become much more aware of how I use my body. Through working with her, I realized that I tend to retain stress in various areas and have learned to recognize when I am doing this and to self-correct. During my time taking lessons with her, I have had back and knee injuries, and in both of these areas she has helped ease the pain and return me to normal functioning… Learning to recognize how one uses one’s body did not come naturally to me, but with Judith’s patience and guidance I have become much more aware and feel more connected to my body. She combines her in-depth knowledge of Alexander with humor and patience, making the learning experience not only instructive, but stress free and fun.

Beth O., Financial Advisor, New York City

Studying Alexander Technique with Judith really turned my life around. I came for help with shoulder pain I'd had when playing the guitar. But although that went away, and I feel more free and composed when I play, perhaps the most dramatic change was that I suddenly felt very comfortable around girls and they seemed to like me more. It's easy to meet people if you are present and directed. It makes you like a prince, and then there's a kind of ease and sexy confidence. I was fortunate to meet the woman who later became my wife during this time period – and now I'm so glad to be out of the game!                                      

Douglas Swett, musician, stay-at-home dad